Locals Only Adventures #1: Rincon, PR

Five days and five nights on the road to happiness. We indulged in Rincon's tropical flavors, blue barrels, hill top views, luscious sunsets, and rich local culture. Mike R. found perfect air, Kolo shredded unforgettable sunsets, Mike D. flirted with beautiful barrels, Mike O. charged the lines and Jules cross stepped endless summer waves. Our local friends, Robert and Renee, shared some water secrets and dancing fun. We got lucky! 

One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. {Henry Miller}

SURFERS: Juliane Camposano, Mike Dier, Michael Kololyan, Robert Ferrer, Michael Reinhardt, Mike O'Toole

BAND: Los Hijos De Puntas

PHOTOS: Andreea Waters

RINCON, PR // November 2013