I've been on the Surf and Wellness Barbados trip for three years, and I appreciate Andreea's knowledge of the island and surf breaks. It makes it easy to slip into island life, and focus on the primary goal: surf! Karen, NYC

I loved the trip from start to finish. I appreciated how much you got the group excited and organized before we came with emails and the whatsapp group and also how you took the time to figure out our levels so that we could continue to grow and get better in a focused way. Junior was AMAZING! I learned so much from him, and even more than I thought I would in 6 days. The food, our outings each night, the room and everything else was perfect and super comfortable. Shirin, NYC

Thanks for all the photos and everything else - what an incredible trip and you seem to have handled everything effortlessly! I loved meeting you and the other girls. The accommodations were fantastic and Zed and Claudia were great too. It was also really nice having breakfast and lunch taken care of and going out somewhere different and fun for dinner each night. Junior and Paul were great too and I think I learned a lot from them. I would do the trip again in a heartbeat! Alex, NYC

I had an incredible time in Barbados with you and the others. The other students were very kind and courteous, and the staff at Zed's were fantastic as well.  I think the only recommendation I would have is maybe to add an extra hour between the first and second surf session. Although, my adrenaline and love of being in the ocean seemed to carry me through my exhaustion anyway. The instructors were very knowledgeable, patient, and FUN to work with!  Elizabeth, MI

You're right - Zed's was amazing. Claudia is incredible and felt like one big family. Fun longbaord waves all week at Freights - happiness is! Mindi, NYC

Overall I thought the trip was great, I liked staying at Zed’s, thought the lessons were amazing or I should say Junior was amazing. Zanna, NYC

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