There is so much force and energy in this image. It was hard to look away. The colors, perspective and the moment Andreea captures in this photo are unique. She takes us right to the waves to experience surfer culture and invites us to take in the entire scene. The artistic as well as the documentary angles are important here and the image offers a balanced view of nature, culture, sport, documentation and experience. – Gisella Carbonell, Curator of Cornell Museum of Fine Arts

Surfing in New York takes dedication - in winter when the waves are best the weather is brutal, in summer surfers compete with the crowds that flock to the beach beaches. Andreea Waters has documented the high and lows of urban surfing in Surf NYC. The Guardian

Surf NYC is a love letter to the city’s surfing culture, and the people who don’t let anything—crowded beaches, bitter conditions, nasty riptides—keep them from catching a wave. – Wired Magazine